AI and Automation Will Drive Returns on 5G Network Investments

Mobile operators are integrating AI-enabled applications and edge-cloud computing platforms with their 5G networks to accelerate enterprise digital transformation and unleash new business opportunities.  Network operators like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Vodafone all claim that AI and machine learning will help them with 5G network planning, optimizing their 5G network investments, managing costs, while improving operations and maintenance efficiency. These carriers are deploying AI in their 5G technology roadmaps to manage network deployment costs and drive their business growth strategies.

Wireless 20/20 published a series of articles highlighting the role that AI is playing to help operators with precision capacity forecasts, coverage auto-optimization, smart MIMO, dynamic cloud network and resource scheduling. Vodafone is collaborating with IBM and Ericsson by using advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms to optimize radio networks and improve MIMO energy management in the UK, Spain and Germany. T-Mobile is using the predictive capabilities of AI and machine learning to augment human abilities and accelerate the automation of customer service operations in the US. These mobile operator profiles demonstrate that AI and machine learning will be crucial to the evolution of 5G network automation, IoT and industrial digitalization. Wireless 20/20 examined the role of AI in Telecom and Mobile 5G Networks at the AI World Conference & Expo in Boston during October 2019. Nancy Ranxing Li, our Verizon keynote speaker, explained how 5G, cloud computing, AI and Big Data will work on a global scale to put telecom and media providers at the forefront of innovation. Verizon is leveraging 5G, AI and Mobile Edge Computing to reduce latency by installing IT and network-processing resources in data centers at the network edge instead of centralized facilities. Verizon is also enhancing its portfolio of managed services with an AI-powered toolkit for improving 5G customer experience outcomes.

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