Themes and Topics

Networks of the Future – Disruptive Technologies, Trends and Strategies

Making the right technology choices and putting Automation and AI at the forefront of your network strategy

Examining How Network Automation And AI Are Enabling New Digital Business Models And Services

Tapping into the next wave of growth with AI– rethinking partnerships, innovation and new products

Leveraging AI Technologies To Create Smart Connected Networks

Delivering personalised digital services faster and more efficiently

Discover how Network Automation, Intelligence and Analytics can be Combined to Drive Revenue

Creating new and innovative revenue streams and supporting the services that today’s customers are demanding

Network Automation – The Foundation of Future Networks

Predictive maintenance & Intelligent network automation

Exploiting AI to Optimise Future Networks

The journey to self-driving networks and building a cognitive self-optimizing network powered by AI

Designing Future Networks with NFV, SDN and AI

Adaptive self-everything networks: Zero-touch management and service orchestration to create reliable future networks

Automation and AI in Future Network Operations

Using machine learning to automate infrastructure management processes and iimplementing AI-enabled network management

Building, Implementing and Managing AI-Powered 5G Networks

Automation and AI for 5G roll out, management and operations