Speaker profile

Pierre Blanchard

PRBL Advisory

Pierre is now working as an independent Advisor and Analyst after spending a significant part of his corporate career with the Telecom Industry.  As President of PRBL Advisory, he is bringing thought leadership in international Telecom events and supporting innovative solutions vendors in their conquest of the Telecom market.

He was formerly Vice President at Capgemini, leading Global Business Development for the Telecom and Media Sector. In this role, he was responsible for ensuring successful sales and delivery of strategic Telecom Transformation programs, for setting up and managing global alliances with strategic vendors, as well as for developing thought leadership, including the production of white papers on the Digital Transformation of the Telecom Industry.

More broadly, Pierre has got over 35 years’ experience of large international IT and Business Transformation programs, during which time he has gained extensive understanding of the implementation of new business models and IT infrastructures into complex organizations.

As an independent Telecom analyst, he is now focusing on emerging technologies technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and their potential in the broader transformation of the Telecom industry.

“Leveraging AI for Network Automation is going to be one of the big endeavours for CSPs in the next few years, with the ultimate goal to run Autonomous Networks. Because of the complexity of networks technologies and architectures, it will take time for our Industry to be able to design and implement end-to-end telco-grade solutions, but the concepts underpinning Autonomous Networks (self-organised, self-healing, self-driving, self-operating… ) are already set out and AI is widely seen as a key enabler for all of them.”

“As our industry is just at the beginning of this complex and challenging journey towards Autonomous Networks and as AI-enabled Automation is still in its infancy, no doubt that leveraging AI for Network Automation will be a major area of competitive differentiation in the next few years. It is nevertheless of the essence for all players to cross-fertilize their initiatives and lessons learnt. The more CSPs will share their views, the faster our industry will be able to implement the Autonomous Networks concepts.”