Speaker profile

Mario Volonterio

Head of Virtual Infrastructure and Orchestration
Vodafone Group

Mario has been working over 20 years in the IT and the Telecommunications Industry where he has built an extensive experience in transforming organizations, working for major consulting firms and technology companies in the past and today as executive in Vodafone Group.
In his current role, he is leading the digital enablement of the Vodafone network for Europe (12 European countries plus Central Business Functions), virtualizing the infrastructure (NFV, SDN …) and implementing artificial intelligence and automation capabilities for an effective process management.
In the last four years Mario has started up the NVI Engineering team – recognized as one of the most innovative and influential in Vodafone when it comes Network Virtualization – endorsed this year by 3 patents on AI applied to NFV capacity management and able to deploy in this timeframe 61 datacenters, hosting more than 1.400 VNF.
Mario is married, blessed with a daughter and a son, and plays rugby as flanker.