Speaker profile

Dr. Marcus Brunner

Head of Standardization/Open Source, Eco-system Development and Chief Researcher

Dr. Marcus Brunner is active in research, development, and standardization since 25 years with detailed experience in programmability of networks and services, cloud technology for IT and network service providers (NfV), and automation of network and IT including autonomic communication. He is involved in various international organizations on software-defined networking and the future telecommunication technologies like Network Function Virtualization and 5G networking. He is currently chair of the Network Operator Council (NOC) in ETSI ISG NFV.

Agenda sessions

Day One

September 22, 2020

  • Track A: Operational Efficiency

    • 4:15 pm
      Panel Discussion: Zero Touch Operations – creating sustainable reductions in operational costs: what are the keys to success?

Day Two

September 23, 2020

4:50 pm
Ecosystem Panel Discussion: Collaboration: how can we increase the pace of innovation?