Complimentary Partner Reports

Our FutureNet World partners have kindly provided some complimentary white papers and reports we think you’ll find of interest below.

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Blue Planet by Ciena: Intelligent Automation Driving digital transformation for service providers

Service providers are under pressure to launch more dynamic, on-demand services to keep pace with the competition from both traditional providers and Web-scale content players.

At the same time, end-customers have increasingly high expectations for their Quality of Experience (QoE) —they demand the services they want, when they want them, with flawless performance. As a result, service providers are now under pressure to provide a range of service offerings with fast time to market and exceptional quality and performance, all at the lowest possible price and cost. But this is no small feat. Service providers are becoming distanced from their customers, who are devaluing the connectivity itself and rather attributing value to wireless handsets, applications, content providers, media-rich solutions, and cloud providers. This is driving the need to create value in a new digitally transformed manner more so than ever before.

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Artificial Intelligence:  Solution to Everything or Just Snake Oil?

You’ve heard it many times — “We are an AI company.”

It brings back memories of other hypes. Cloud, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and even Object-Oriented Design. B-Yond calls itself an AI company. Are we just the pot calling the kettle back?

The reality is that AI has been around for decades. Many core algorithms have been well-defined for equally as long. The first Neural Network algorithms were conceived back in the 1940’s. The Random Forest algorithm was first described in 1995.

So, why all the hype?

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Key Scenarios of Autonomous Driving Mobile Network

A full 80% of mobile operators worldwide say that automation will be the most important way to reduce the operating cost of their next generation networks.
Huawei has identified seven scenarios, within the lifecycle of the mobile network, which can be automated in a step-by-step manner. Within each scenario, the operator can implement different levels of automation, starting with 4G and evolving in the 5G era.

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