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Free Download. – A study in removing the barriers to Telecom Network Automation via AI Raise your hand if you’ve heard of or even been part of a program that was to leverage AI for amazing returns and yet failed after exceeding budget and under delivering on promised outcomes. A large percentage of AI programs […]

AI’s Value Set To Accelerate?

Contributed by Patrick Kelly, Founder & Principal Analyst, Appledore Research. Applying AI for improving prediction and business outcomes will transform decision making in most job functions of telecom operators over the next decade. AI tools used in the right context will improve customer care, network operations and planning, fraud detection, and personalized marketing. But CSPs […]

The road to zero touch goes through Machine Learning

Contributed by Amir Kupervas, Managing Director, Anodot.  For CSPs employing extremely complex systems, fully autonomous monitoring technologies are the holy grail. As monitoring platforms mature, there is a growing expectation that they will go from anomaly detection to full remediation. This is not your run of the mill industry buzz. Over the last five years, […]

The 4 main reasons why AI/ML projects fail, and how to overcome them

Dr. Ira Cohen, Co. Founder & Chief Data Scientist at Anodot presents the 4 main reasons why AI/ML projects fail, and how to overcome them. Also explored is an example machine learning project for telco network monitoring, and how success can be best judged. Anodot is realizing the autonomous network vision by providing CSPs with the […]

AI and ML in the networks: risky business or critical to success?

STL Partners and Futurenet World are running a free survey for telecoms operators, benchmarking the industry’s progress at automating the networks and operations domains. Everyone who takes part will receive a personalised report of the findings and multiple submissions from one operator are welcome. Take the survey here: Much has been written about the […]

Massive network automation might be years away, but there’s plenty of scope now

Contributing Editor, Annie Turner asks Steve Jarrett, Global Head of Data and AI at Orange, about the operator’s ambitious network automation strategy, timing and progress. He charts the path from the test and learn approach that is being applied today, to the recent transformational tie-up with Google Cloud and a future of “massive network automation”. […]

AI in telecoms – bounded rationality or wider ecosystem game changer?

Contributed by Don Alusha, Senior Analyst, ABI Research. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are making good progress to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as they seek to modernize their networks and diversify their revenue streams. At present, AI and ML technologies are seeing increased adoption on a per use-case, per domain basis – a […]

FutureNet World, 20-21 April 2021 – SAVE THE DATE!

FutureNet World, 20-21 April 2021 – SAVE THE DATE! We are delighted to unveil the FutureNet World Advisory Board for 2021, announce our key themes for the event next April and our first keynote speaker confirmed to participate! The FutureNet World Advisory Board is an incredible group of thought leaders who share a common interest […]

November 2020 News

Network automation is revving up. A new report from HTF Market Intelligence outlines how network virtualisation is fuelling the need for cloud-native solutions, from security to core networks. The AWS outage in late November should give pause for thought, as it highlighted a particular weakness of public clouds – the intra-dependence of services. A small […]