Intelligent OSS 

What Will Make Intent-Based Automation Possible for 5G Slicing?

Contributed by Susan White, Head of Strategy and Portfolio Marketing, Netcracker Technology.  Maximizing operations automation is essential for CSPs to offer on-demand services at the lowest cost across a network with diverse technology and service domains. With VNFs evolving into CNFs, more frequent releases, multiple cloud platforms, end-to-end network slicing, and a much larger ecosystem […]

Data Ops

Free Download. – A study in removing the barriers to Telecom Network Automation via AI Raise your hand if you’ve heard of or even been part of a program that was to leverage AI for amazing returns and yet failed after exceeding budget and under delivering on promised outcomes. A large percentage of AI programs […]

Airtel’s network automation is as inevitable as water obeying gravity

Airtel’s CTO Randeep Sekhon and Bradley Mead of Ericsson talked to Contributing Editor Annie Turner about the urgency of their joint approach to automation. Although Airtel has fixed infrastructure, our interview focused on its mobile network, which is of immense scale and complexity, and has been managed by Ericsson for some 16 years. The mobile […]

Beyond connectivity: How telco ambitions are shaping their automation journeys

This article discusses some findings from a research programme conducted by STL Partners, in partnership with FutureNet World and Nokia, between December 2020 and February 2021, comprising a survey of 100 individuals and 15 in-depth interviews with leading operators about their automation journeys. The report gives an overview of global trends in automation and shows […]

Telcos Stance on Innovation; a Matter of Identity

Contributed by Ned Taleb, CEO and Founder, B-Yond. Over the last two decades, I have co-founded several companies serving the telecoms industry, and in the process, have met with a majority of the executives from the top telcos around the world. When you ask about how a telco perceives itself, you never get the same answer. […]

How Automation is Driving Transformational Benefits for Telcos

Contributed by Morgan Stern, VP of Automation Strategy, Itential. In the early phases of telco automation, most of the efforts were focused on simplifying and condensing repetitive tasks to gain efficiencies. Business processes remained largely unchanged, with automation primarily applied to standalone tasks within the process. The impact of these efforts was meaningful for individuals […]

Is OSS Going to Die? 

Contributed by Marcin Nowak, Senior Solutions Manager, Comarch. Is OSS Going to Die?  As telecommunications networks evolve, we can see hardware providers deploy ever more advanced software. But that’s only one aspect of this evolution. Another is that an increasing amount of specialized, very sophisticated telecommunication hardware is becoming cloud-native. With the new network models, […]

Adopting AI in organizations

Free Download. – This report shares insights from organizations implementing AI; a journey towards constant change. Based on the insights from 2,525 white collar AI/analytics decision makers, this report shares the learnings from companies implementing AI and advanced analytics in business operations. Though the companies have reached different levels of AI maturity (divided between AI-leaders, […]

FutureNet World delegates to access complimentary telecoms training from Wray Castle

FutureNet World has announced a partnership with Wray Castle, which will see the delegates of FutureNet World’s Virtual Event in April gain complimentary access to 2 of Wray Castle’s live virtual Telecoms training courses, each focused on important themes at the event. 5G SBA (Service Based Architecture) Virtualizing the Core: 7th April @ 2pm-3.30pm (BST) […]