5G Automation and Intelligent Edge

What Will Make Intent-Based Automation Possible for 5G Slicing?

Contributed by Susan White, Head of Strategy and Portfolio Marketing, Netcracker Technology.  Maximizing operations automation is essential for CSPs to offer on-demand services at the lowest cost across a network with diverse technology and service domains. With VNFs evolving into CNFs, more frequent releases, multiple cloud platforms, end-to-end network slicing, and a much larger ecosystem […]

The FutureNet World ‘Operator Award’ shines a light on 6 outstanding deployments

With populations around the globe being consigned to the task of doing very little for the past year, a scan of the recently announced finalists for the brand new FutureNet World Operator Award proves that the telecoms industry has been doing anything but! Indeed, Liberty Global were keen to highlight that, working throughout Covid, and […]

Airtel’s network automation is as inevitable as water obeying gravity

Airtel’s CTO Randeep Sekhon and Bradley Mead of Ericsson talked to Contributing Editor Annie Turner about the urgency of their joint approach to automation. Although Airtel has fixed infrastructure, our interview focused on its mobile network, which is of immense scale and complexity, and has been managed by Ericsson for some 16 years. The mobile […]

March 2021 News

Operators embrace automation as a disruptive force Contributing Editor Annie Turner rounds up March’s automation highlights, from excitement about stability and SON to supporting new ways of working. TDC NET says its network is at its most stable for 25 years, with fewer instances of unplanned downtime and customer disruptions, and a more reliable experience […]

Delivering on the 5G promise: The Role of Automation & AI

In this podcast we explore, Delivering on the 5G promise: The Role of Automation & AI. The speakers explore some of the new demands on operations faced with the TDC NET 5G rollout in Denmark, for which Ericsson was a major partner. TDC NET has the best network performance in 25 years & the deployment […]

Telcos Stance on Innovation; a Matter of Identity

Contributed by Ned Taleb, CEO and Founder, B-Yond. Over the last two decades, I have co-founded several companies serving the telecoms industry, and in the process, have met with a majority of the executives from the top telcos around the world. When you ask about how a telco perceives itself, you never get the same answer. […]

AI’s Value Set To Accelerate?

Contributed by Patrick Kelly, Founder & Principal Analyst, Appledore Research. Applying AI for improving prediction and business outcomes will transform decision making in most job functions of telecom operators over the next decade. AI tools used in the right context will improve customer care, network operations and planning, fraud detection, and personalized marketing. But CSPs […]

February 2021 News

Network automation market set to boom post-Covid Contributing Editor Annie Turner rounds up February’s automation highlights, from the heat of Magma to the temporary cooling of investment in tech. The global network automation market is expected to grow rapidly to reach $22.58 billion by 2027 with a compound annual growth rate of 24.2% between 2020 […]

Why automation should be the Tricorder for telecoms

Ibrahim Gedeon, CTO of Canada’s TELUS Communications, shares some forthright views with Annie Turner, Contributing Editor, on AI and network automation, their purpose and his strategic approach to them. Gedeon joined TELUS in his current role in 2003, having previously worked at Nortel Networks and Bell Northern Research. He is always a popular speaker at […]