Data Ops

Free Download. – A study in removing the barriers to Telecom Network Automation via AI Raise your hand if you’ve heard of or even been part of a program that was to leverage AI for amazing returns and yet failed after exceeding budget and under delivering on promised outcomes. A large percentage of AI programs […]

Adopting AI in organizations

Free Download. – This report shares insights from organizations implementing AI; a journey towards constant change. Based on the insights from 2,525 white collar AI/analytics decision makers, this report shares the learnings from companies implementing AI and advanced analytics in business operations. Though the companies have reached different levels of AI maturity (divided between AI-leaders, […]

Top barriers to successful AI implementation

Free Download. To guarantee their competitiveness, CSPs are opting for advanced AI-based network monitoring solutions. But alongside its promise, AI poses major technological, operational and management-related challenges and costs. Hitting the ground running with AI requires a well-defined adoption strategy and methodology. We present the major adoption barriers and best practices for avoiding them to achieve […]

SOC Your NOCs Off!

SOC Your NOCs Off! Role of AI and Key Design Considerations New challenges introduced by the increasing pace of change and complexity in the industry, combined with the pressure for more cost efficiency, better retention, and intensified competition are pushing mobile network operators (MNOs) to transform network operation centers (NOCs) from network-centric operation to customer-centric […]

End-to-end network automation: Why and how to do it?

True E2E automation has not yet been achieved, but network automation is a reality now, and one which telcos must master to survive. What steps are telcos taking to implement network automation, what challenges must be overcome and what benefits can be expected? In this report STL Partners explore the opportunities, ambitions and challenges for […]

Network Slicing and 5G Future Shock

2020 will mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of Alvin Toffler’s futurist forecast of the impact of the digital revolution. Future Shock was published in 1970, when the digital revolution was in its infancy. Toffler was writing at a time of mainframes and punch cards – no disk storage and certainly no PCs or cell phones. And […]