FutureNet World Awards 2020

The shortlisted finalists were announced on 14th September. Join us on Wednesday 23rd September at FutureNet World Virtual 2020 to find out who the winners are of these inaugural awards.

These awards recognise outstanding innovations that are changing the way future networks function and operate. They are specifically looking for entries that demonstrate substantial reductions to the life cycle costs of operating a network, drive revenue/commercial growth and add new dimensions to the customer experience.


1.    Leading Solution for Network Automation/autonomous networks

  • AirHop Communications
  • Anuta Networks
  • Blue Planet, a Division of Ciena
  • Celfocus
  • Elisa Automate
  • Itential

2.    Most Innovative Application of AI to enhance Customer Experience

  • BitBang Srl
  • Dell Technologies
  • Eolo/FICO
  • Nokia
  • VMware

3.    Most Innovative Automated Service Orchestration Solution

  • CloudOps
  • Etiya
  • HPE
  • Nokia
  • VMware

Entry Criteria

  1. Describe the nature of the entry and business case for network operators or the value proposition to end users.
  2. Describe what is unique, new or innovative about your product or solution.
  3. Deployments – In what demonstrable ways does your technology /solution deliver quantifiable results / empower value creation or benefits for customers, networks, partners or the broader eco-system.

Judging Panel

The FutureNet World Awards will be independently judged by our esteemed panel of industry analysts. The judges have been carefully selected as some of the industry’s leading experts and thought leaders in the field of intelligent automation.

View Judge Biographies:

Mark Newman
Anil Rao
Amy Cameron
Dimitris Mavrakis