Day One

September 22, 2020

  • 8:55 am
    Chairman’s Opening Remarks
    Jeremy Cowan,
    Editorial Director & Publisher, IoT Now & VanillaPlus
  • Future Networks: Vision & Business Case
  • 9:00 am
    Opening CXO Keynote PANEL: Networks of the Future: What have we achieved to date and defining the roadmap ahead
    Jeremy Cowan,
    Editorial Director & Publisher, IoT Now & VanillaPlus
    Christoph Aeschlimann,
    CTIO, Swisscom
    Scott Petty,
    CTO, Vodafone UK
    Dr. Ibrahim Gedeon,
    • What is the future network we are trying to achieve and what does it look like?
    • 5G as a disruptor and the role of slicing and virtualisation: what are the implications for the network of the future?
    • Are automation and autonomy the cornerstones for the network of the future and the future telco?
    • Who are tomorrow’s customers and what are the requirements for the network of the future?
    • Moving from exploration to deployment – what is the roadmap for automation and AI?
    • Deployment success stories – what has worked to date and where are the major challenges and roadblocks?



  • 9:45 am
    The Autonomous Network: Is the promise being fulfilled?
    Christian Maitre,
    Director Global Operations Transformation, Orange Group
    • What does autonomy mean for networks?
    • Defining the early use cases
    • Business transformation: Delivering agile operations and new revenue opportunities
    • Driving business automation with a customer centric, ecosystem orientated, and collaboration enabled approach
    • Network automation & operations transformation:
      • Driving and supporting customer facing service operations
      • Delivering a simplified architecture and enablement of on-demand production
    • Taking advantage of AI, big data, cloudification to provide fully automated, self-healing and self- optimizing capabilities
    • Introducing intelligence into the network to build a highly autonomous smart network on demand
  • 10:15 am
    Network Automation & AI: The key drivers – operational efficiency vs revenue growth
    Nik Willetts,
    CEO, TM Forum
    • What are the key drivers for automation?
    • Validating the investment case: levels of investment and ROI
    • Short term gains vs long term operational efficiency – is there a clear case?
    • Capex vs opex debate: CSP need to cut opex but does the new technology (cloud based/SaaS) come with high operating costs?
    • Customer experience: quantifying the benefits
    • The role of 5G: Where are the real revenue opportunities and is the cost of doing business too high serving new markets?
  • 10:45 am
    Morning Refreshments and Networking
  • Unleashing the potential of 5G
  • 11:15 am
    Panel Discussion: Intelligent operations for new 5G ecosystems: A game changer?
    Anil Rao,
    Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason
    Abdu Mudesir,
    SVP Services & Platforms, Deutsche Telekom Tecknik GmbH
    Juan Manuel Caro,
    Director of Operations & Customer Experience, Telefonica
    Sachin Katti,
    Advisor, VMware,
    Professor, Stanford University,
    Co-Chair, O-RAN Alliance
    Lucy Lombardi,
    Senior Vice President, Digital & Ecosystem Innovation, Telecom Italia,
    Board Member, Technology Group, GSMA,
    Lester Thomas,
    Chief IT Systems Architect, Vodafone
    • How do you build intelligent operations for a 5G world?
    • Can the network and IT deliver on the promise?
    • Defining the pathway and timetable for an end-to-end migration path from legacy systems to modular, cloud-native IT components
    • Automation and end-to-end scalability to unleash the full potential of 5G
    • Ensuring flexible and efficient core networks to meet the demands and complexity of 5G
    • Boosting service agility, speed/time to market and cutting operating costs: how to embed the right capabilities and technologies in the 5G proposition


  • 12:00 pm
    The 5G challenge: What new opportunities are there for telcos by deploying intelligent Networks?
    • How do telcos monetise 5G and where do they sit in the value chain: is connectivity enough?
    • Is there more to 5G than just the autonomous vehicle and more connections?
    • Understanding the business case for change – what new use cases are there for intelligent network and services – moving beyond the consumer to the enterprise
    • What is the priority and which industries are going to benefit first?
    • Creating a platform business to open up and address new markets
  • 12:30 pm
    The role of assurance cloud: Transforming into a digital service provider and deploying 5G
    Domenico Convertino,
    VP of Product Management, Communications and Media Solutions (CMS), HPE
    • Realising the service innovation with scalable, agile networks that are 5G ready
    • Enabling services: are operators able to compete with OTTs in the cloud services market?
    • Driving agility, on-demand service delivery, operational cost efficiency and speed of innovation fit for the 5G era
    • Moving to more service-oriented network operations in a 5G world: proactive and predictive
  • 1:00 pm
    Networking Lunch and Exhibition Visit
  • 2:00 pm
  • Track A: Operational Efficiency

    Track B: Revenue Opportunities

    Track A: Operational Efficiency

    Track B: Revenue Opportunities

    • 1:55 pm
      Chairman’s Welcome
      Don Alusha,
      Senior Analyst, ABI Research
    • 2:30 pm
      Exploring AI-enhanced SD-WAN as a managed service opportunity
      • Why SD-WAN enhanced by AI is a lucrative new service opportunity in the age of IoT and AI
      • Using machine learning and AI to strengthen and extend existing SD-WAN functionality and features
      • What types of new applications will be possible by combining an evolved SD-WAN with AI network management?
      • Finding the right partner for your SD-WAN technology
      • Creating a SD-WAN as a service bundle that provides customers with integrated security, faster connectivity, optimized bandwidth and a superior user experience on critical applications
    • 2:30 pm
      Panel Discussion: Network Automation and AI driving growth: opportunity or hype?
      Don Alusha,
      Senior Analyst, ABI Research
      Kirsty Bright,
      Head of Technology Strategy, Vodafone Group
      Jukka-Pekka Salmenkaita,
      Director of AI and Machine Learning, Elisa International Digital Services
      Karl Liriano,
      Head of Innovation, Strategy and Architecture, o2
      Rui Frazao,
      CTO & EVP, Product, B-Yond

      Facing intense competition from over-the-top content providers, and with ever-higher service expectations from customers, operators must find ways to provide new revenue-generating services that customers will purchase.

      • What is the real opportunity and how can CSPs take advantage?
      • What services beyond connectivity can network automation truly provide?
      • New business models, markets, service innovations – where is the real opportunity?
      • IoT and 5G opportunities in vertical markets: can a telco transform itself into a business that can serve these markets?
      • Implications for the network and transforming into a Digital Service Provider (DSP)


    • 3:15 pm
      5G and Network slices to revolutionise Enterprise networks: Can we really launch and scale 5G without automation?
      Åsa Nielsen,
      Head of Network Service Management and Automation, Telia
      • Leveraging the 5G potential to achieve both increased efficiencies and revenues, through differentiation and faster time-to-market
      • Automated slice management to provide differentiated services: What is the key to monetisation?
      • Use cases and timing
      • Business cases and automation drivers from internal and external perspectives
      • Barriers from internal and external perspectives
      • Own experience from the automation journey
    • 3:45 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments and Networking
    • 4:15 pm
      Panel Discussion: Edge solutions – the next phase of real growth for telcos?
      Dalia Adib,
      Principal Consultant & Practice Lead – Edge Computing, STL Partners,
      Oliver Cantor,
      Associate Director, Verizon Global Products, Verizon
      Volkmar Hammer,
      Head of Network Operations, Vodafone
      Andy Rowland,
      Head of Customer Innovation Energy, Resources & Manufacturing, BT
      Anand Gonuguntla,
      Vice President, Portfolio Solutions and Sales Engineering, Blue Planet – a division of Ciena
      • Anchoring operations on a common federated platform for telco edge solutions.
      • Running best of breed service solutions and connect any device on a common (cloud) architecture
      • The role of alliances, partnerships and an ecosystem that extends the utility of IT-designed solutions to the telecom domain.


    • 5:00 pm
      Case Study: AI and Analytics to transform customer experience and monetise network data
      Sri Safitri,
      Project Director of Customer Experience Transformation , Telkom Indonesia
      • Telco transformation journey towards best in class customer experience
      • Leveraging AI and Analytics in the Triple Play (phone, internet, TV) business
      • How intelligent network data is creating new value for operators
      • Sharing insights from detailed network data with third parties

Day Two

September 23, 2020