Dedicated to driving the agenda around Network Automation and AI

Enabling discussion of the strategic and commercial priorities in today’s digital world and the considerations for the future of the network. Dedicated to driving the agenda around ‘Network Automation and AI’, a key foundational pillar for the next wave of growth in the telecoms market.


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Introducing, Industry Directions. Online campaigns to illuminate the hottest Network Automation & AI topics. We will bring you, insight, opinion & debate that you won’t find anywhere else! Featuring podcast interviews, editorial features, webinars, executive roundtables. 

Zero Touch Automation (December), Service Assurance & AI (January), Automation & AI Driving Operational Efficiency (February), Automated Service Orchestration (March)

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"AI & Automation are critical to the success and profitability of the communications industry, we had so many global operators actively partaking at FutureNet World”

Ari Banjeree Vice President Strategy, Netcracker Technology

The beautiful thing about FutureNet World is it is razor focused on digitisation, automation and Artificial Intelligence”

Ibrahim Gideon CTO, TELUS

"We can leverage the themes discussed at FutureNet World to build up the simplification of the over complex telco industry and also can build new ways of collaboration”

Dr. Haiping Che SVP, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Huawei Technologies

Thanks to Appledore Research for their 2020 event review

In its new virtual form and timing for 2020, does FutureNet World still deliver?

Over the last few years, the FutureNet World has established itself as a solid fixture on the telecom event calendar, attracting an impressive collection of senior operator and vendor speakers from around the world. In its new form and timing for 2020, does it still deliver?

From its beginning, FutureNet has been distinctive in making revolutionary themes central to its agenda, rather than a side track. In particular, AI and Automation.

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